Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time for an update

I'm no good at this whole internet thing. Updating blogs, constantly checking other peoples distro lists/blog postings/whatever... Lately i'm more into getting rip roaring stoned and listening to BLACK SABBATH, RAMONES, and THE NERVES. Alas, here i am, cracking the whip on myself to let the World Wide Web of shit know about my new records and shows.
First off, the MUNDO MUERTO 'Entre El Kaos' LP is finally out!!! it has been for a month, but i guess i've been leaving it for Kid of Konton Crasher to hype it up til now! As i said, i've kinda discovered that marijuana is in fact, totally awesome, hence my slackness.
500 of these puppies have been pressed, and they are going fast, so contact me ( or Konton Crasher ( and order some of our kill shit!!!

Since it's been leaked on the internet before the LP ever even came out, you can listen to it here before you order a buncha copies from us:
Moving on... Since Distort Fest i've kinda taken a little break from promoting punk shows. Dear friend Annie Basterd has picked up my slack and put on a couple of great gigs so far. But the good folks at the Astoria have offered me a monthly night to do punk shit, so it looks like i'm back in the saddle. These shows will be used to benefit the Distort Vancouver Fest fund (which is currently at negative $1,500), so i can pay off fest debts, and work on flying out sweet bands, and be able to afford a venue that's NOT the Rickshaw.
Anyway, i call these nights: CHARGED DAYS//DISTORTED NIGHTS, and Vol. 1 is this Tuesday. If you live in Vancouver or close by, come up the punks, drink $3 Lucky's, play free pool, watch sweet bands, and listen to me play my sick record collection! (DJ's who use laptop computers are NOT DJ's by the way... But this is for another rant),
Since the beginning of the summer, i've taken to co-hosting the radio show GENERATION ANNIHILATION with Mr. Aaron Brown. We've been alternating weeks (ie. i do it when he's too lazy, he does it when i'm too lazy). The show is every Saturday from Noon to One PM PST, on CITR 101.9 FM in Vancouver, and (listen streaming), or you can listen to the podcast at To clarify, i'm the one usually responsible for the raw punk and d-beat shit (typically Scandinavian or New York shit!), and Aaron plays the more street punky kinda shit... and UK SUBS.
Anyway, i guess that's it. i mentioned earlier, but these 3 bands are ruling everything around me. BLACK SABBATH. RAMONES. And this band here:
My computer fucking sucks. it's taken me over an hour to update this shit, cuz it freezes every 5 minutes. Somebody donate a good nerdbox for me, please. Thank you. Up the punks.

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  1. keep walking with the wizard buddy! we love you!

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