Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 This Friday:
 Make sure to come early to this one, cuz it will be crammed at probably sell out, fast.

This will be the first show at Jabbas Palace. A brand new venue that Goat (MASS GRAVE/EOP) and myself have acquired! And it's FOLKEIIS, MUNDO MUERTO, and MAUSER on one show. if you live in Vancouver and don't go to this show, you are NOT a punk.

And of course:
Tickets will be available this Friday. i'll have some at the IRON LUNG gig, and will have some in shops around town. You can also order them from me via paypal. Keep checking out this page for info on how to acquire tickets. They are limited to 200, and the capacity of the Astoria is 350. This show will definitely sell out, so jump on it, asshole.
This is also DOOM's very first gig ever in Canada!!!


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