Saturday, April 16, 2011

NO PROBLEM in Vancouver...

Also, i hope everyone had a good Joey Ramone Day. As any self respecting punk knows, Joey Ramone passed away 10 years ago yesterday... i spent the day listening to s/t and Road To Ruin, and buying a new Fender Precision bass not unlike one that you would see Dee Dee rocking.

Moving on, one of the only other holidays worth celebrating is today... INTERNATIONAL RECORD STORE DAY!!! Wherever you are in the world i hope you go out and support your local independent record store. Vinyl never dies, and these stores know that, and that's why they scrape by barely making enough for rent... So that they can sell the punks (and indy nerds, etc.) their wax, and keep it alive and thriving, despite the mp3 "revolution".
Also, i'd like to say the new RAYOS X demo tape is awesome... But nothing compared to the GENERACION SUICIDA demo tape... These LA ponx play a really stripped down, melodic punk, that makes me think of X (LA), and shit that was coming out of Denmark a few years ago (ie. GORILLA ANGREB)... all sung in Spanish, and catchy as fuck. Do yourself a favor and track this shit down. Totally can't get enough.
Lastly on this blog update, i am now filling in for radio shows on the college radio station here in Vancouver... i'll be co-hosting Generation Annihilation with Aaron Brown today from noon til one pm (PST)... tune in at 101.9 FM, or We will be doing an all vinyl show (in tribute of Record Store Day), and you can count on me spinning some Scandinavian goodies as usual!!!
Til next time. Huff glue, drink cheap cider, barf where you're not supposed to, and most importantly, STAY PUNK!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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