Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CHARGED//DISTORTED in the works...

As i type this, CHARGED//DISTORTED's first LP release is at the plant. That's right, i'm pressing MUNDO MUERTO's brand new 12", along with my (A)RS(E) brother Kid from KONTON CRASHER records.
For a taste of what you're in for, check the first 5 songs here:
This is for fans of catchy as hell classic Spanish punk. Lot's of "Ooooooooooooooooh's" and sing along parts (for those of you smart enough to not just speak English like me), but yet the record stays urgent, angry, and focused. Well written riffs, and an intense live band to boot (as those who caught them on their last trek up here to Vancouver know exactly what i'm talking about).
Anyway, this should be out in time for their long ass tour that starts June 23rd in Austin, Tejas.

in other news, i'm working too much, and trying to keep up with all the shows here, and keep on top of the mail for the WARVICTIMS/DISABLE splits. i wanna spruce up this blogspot, so it's easier to update my distro/trade list, and seperate into sections... i don't have the time to nerd out on that lately, so this is what you get for now.
i'll leave you with a video of OFF! from their set in Vancouver a few weeks ago (mostly to piss off Nick from MUNDO MUERTO)... For those not in the loop, this is Keith Morris' new band with 2 of the dudes from RED CROSS. Normally these kinda bands bum me out, and just make me dread becoming old and out of touch. But when the balding dreadlocked 50 year old grabbed the mic, and the Ginn style riffage punched me in the drunken face, i was left with no choice but to spend the night jumping on the stage and jumping onto the crowd of other punks (much to the chagrin of Mr. Morris). in fact, if you pay attention to this video you will see yours truly doing just that.
Til next time... keep upping the punks, and now that it's finally fucking warm outside, i will see you in the park, drinking cider and making fun of soccer playing hipsters.
...Ok, so the "Vans" logo in the background is lame, and it's even lamer that Vans put this on... just take it for what it is!

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  1. the whole LP is up here to listen to.

    fuck Keith Morris.