Friday, April 6, 2012


i don't think anyone cares or noticed, but it's been a while since i updated this thing. i guess i've been real busy, and this time not with punk stuff. i went to Mexico for 5 weeks, then spent 2 weeks going between Vancouver and LA. Pretty rad. Thanks to all new and old friends who helped Katie and i get drunk/high/shelter/food/friendship along the way. Anyway, enough of this emo shit. Come to this show:
Also, i got a few new records in my "distro". Not much in the wholesale department, but if ya wanna see the list, e-mail me at . Such hits include BI-MARKS, AGHAST, CONTROPETERE, CRASHBOX, PUTRID FEVER, MISERY, ARCTIC FLOWERS and much more.
Fuck you guys, i'm going to bed now... and dream about upping the punks.

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