Tuesday, July 17, 2012


i've come to realize, i hate spending time on computers, posting dumb shit, reading dumb shit, and listening to crappy mp3's of third rate crust bands... That being said, i gotta remember, the internet is a rad tool for letting punks around the world know about the crazy awesome shit Vancouver has been up to...
So, here is my update to let the punk world know what's going on........

 ^This is SKRAELING's first show ever. They are from the Sunshine Coast, BC, and feature Josh from AFTER THE BOMBS fame, playing guitar and vocals. i heard them practice a few months ago, and it's rip roaring crust that will make the back of your head turn to dreadlocks.
KOSZMAR is a band most Vancouver punks should know about, featuring the drummer from AFTER THE BOMBS, and members of SYSTEMATIKK and VIOLENT NUN/ROC/ETC. They play blazing fast d-beat raw noise, with vocals in Polish (not that you'd be able to tell unless you read the insert on their demo tape... Speaking of which, they have a really good demo tape. Write to me here and i can probably hook you up).

^Okay, i'm a fuck up. it's BIOCIDO, not BIOCIDOS. And it's SKABIIS, not RABIIS. Two different shitty things to have... i think i inadvertently changed the name because the real one contains the word SKA. Anyways, there is no ska here on this night!!! Google all these bands, and listen to their sick shit. ABSURDIST is the best metal band in the city... Because they are the only punks doing it here. Total classic stench death metal. They have a demo too, though i can't tell you what it sounds like cuz those bastards never gave me one, even though i did artwork for it.

That is it for this post. Next post.... info for DISTORT VANCOUVER FEST VOLUME 8!!!!

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