Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HE IS................................. A TIME BOMB

Punk is the perfect medicine for manic depression. Or is it a factor in the reason for manic depression?
Punk is about ridiculous adventures that feel like a life time, but only last one weekend. On Friday night you feel like you're on top of the world, surrounded by the best friends you'll ever meet... Then Tuesday you will wake up in your shitty home town alone with no prospects. Alone. Tired. Totally fucking moded.  Reliving the memories through pixelated pictures on a fucking computer screen.
So you get drunk and listen to the same records you've been blasting for a decade, wishing you were still around these friends that you never get to see, being bummed out, and wondering if your father was on to something when he told you that "goddammit, you gotta stop drinking so much, you're turning into a retard."
Anyway, enough of this emo bullshit.
CERVIX fucking killed it, 3 nights in a row for me, and gave me the best time i've had since Varning. And i got to kill 2010 with a few of my best friends i rarely get to see in Portland. And Vancouver once again impressed the shit outta me, by tonnes of punks  coming out to the CERVIX show in Vancouver, and helping them more or less pay for their tour costs. Upping the punks!!!!!
i also destroyed my Gibson SG in Seattle a mere 4 hours ago. RIP brown SG. You wrote a shit tonne of songs, and got me through a lot of tours all over north america and Europe. So fuck it. Life goes on.
i know this shit i'm writing isn't going anywhere, but i'm drunk, bummed, stoked, and stagnant all at the same time, so i figure, why not listen to Monolith by AMEBIX and dork out on the fucking stupid internet.
Fuck off, piss off, sod off, and up the fucking punks, go fuck yourself.

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