Monday, November 22, 2010

Up The Punks

So, this is my first blog thing. i guess i just got inspired by lurking on D-Takt And Ra Punk's blogspot, as well as dear friend Amelia's... And hell, if Len Dawg can do one, what the fuck, i guess i can do one too...
So, seeing as i don't know how to do this shit yet, i'll just tell you what to expect from this...
-Record reviews... New and old. i'll try to have links on downloading good records too.
-Demo reviews... Cuz 2010 has produced some of the best demo tapes i have heard in years.
-Stupid thoughts and stories... Cuz if you're reading 'em, i'll write 'em.
-Vancouver show listings...
-CHARGED//DISTORTED Records news...
-And whatever i feel like....
So, with that, i'm gonna continue listening to the PROGRAM ANNIHILATOR comp lp (just starting on the OVERKILL part... what an embarrassing way to introduce my blog here...) and think about venturing outside into the below freezing weather.

TOP 10 (For shits and giggles)
-VARNING FEST 2010 (AGE, MOB 47, PERDITION, QUESTION... Partying with dear friends!)
-DISCHARGE - hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing lp
-DISASTER - war cry lp
-BOG PEOPLE/VIVID SECT ep (i listen to this shit everyday!!! along with the BOG PEOPLE demo)
-PERDITION (demo and 7")
-Anticipation of all the great shows coming up: WARCRY/BURIAL, CERVIX (3 day adventure!), RANK/XEROX, CRAZY SPIRIT/BELLICOSE MINDS/SPECTRES/NU SENSAE, MUNDO MUERTO/NOMOS/THE MEN, etc.
-Getting laid off soon... EI here i come!!!
-DISABLE/WARVICTIMS split almost out!!!
-Fixing up my dear old friend, Akai AP 207... Turntable from Hell!!!
-The record swap yesterday, where i scored: HAWKWIND (space ritual Vol. 2), JAWBREAKER (24 Hour Revenge Therapy... Finally!!!), and a couple records i'm embarrassed to not have owned already...

That's all i have to say. Get fucked. Up the punks.

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