Saturday, November 27, 2010


REAL PROBLEMS - Scum City Girls CD
What is wrong with the city i live in? You know a band is complete shit, when the guitar player comes to your table at a bar and says, "hey, check out my band" as he passes you their CD. Thing is i've heard this name before. Tons, in this city. it makes me wish i lived somewhere where people appreciated truly good raw hardcore punk. Guess not. i guess me, Lenny, and Nick fucking Hart will just be those 3 pretentious assholes who trashed the pub with Keno cards, just wishing to have a punk pitcher of beer, while this band and 2 other total skid mark core projects drove us to more booze (hence more sarcasm and bitterness).
Oh, the music on this CD? Sorry, i smashed it in the alleyway outta my house, and tried to get my dog to take a dump on it. Who cares, "punk" and "metal" in Vancouver blow goats, and this CD is no exception.
if you live in Vancouver, fucking pull your head out of your ass and listen to WARHEAD or BASTARD or NO SECURITY. At least that's what i'm gonna do right now, in that order, 'til i pass out.
Cheers Len Dawg, Nick, and #14 Alexandre Burrows for the beer tonight... Fuck you Gainesville, Florida dicks, and the shitty bands who graced the stage at Pats Pub tonight.


  1. On a more punk note, come to PDX for one of the Mauser shows! Dec 8 (w/ripper, dove asylum) or Dec 20 (w/peroxide, bog people, nerveskade)....proof that not all Gainesville sucks ass

  2. Haha, MAUSER is definitely proof that Gainesville rules. Actually, the only reason i said "fuck you Gainesville dicks", was cuz when we got yelled at for trashing the bar, we blamed a group of hipsters across the bar, saying they didn't like us cuz the Canucks beat the Sharks, and they were American (from Gainesville) and didn't like that we were stoked.
    Hmmm, it was funnier when we were drinking, i guess...
    Anyway, i can't make that show, cuz i'm gonna be in crappy Alberta. Bummed. That MAUSER demo rules.

  3. Thanks for the review! Your opinion may have been a little more validated had the CD got a spin, but it sounds like it still brought you some entertainment regardless. Did your dog end up shitting on our smashed CD? I'd love a picture if it did! Anyway the fact of the matter is that we are here to either be enjoyed by people or to get shit on, so I'm glad you could do one of the two with such distain while taking the effort to tell the internet about it.